Note:  Remove float switch before gluing device in place.

Note:  Failure to follow instructions may cause injury or property damage. 


·    Disconnect power to unit prior to installation, servicing or cleaning.

·    Close & latch cover after each use.

·    Test switch operation & clean device at least every three (3) months.

·    Place warning label (Included) in visible location.

·    Device MUST BE LEVEL or SLOPED DOWNWARD From Drain Pan Outlet.

·    When installing the switch bracket back into the device ensure that the wires are seated properly into the groove on the side of the device body.




Thread included fitting into auxiliary outlet of pan using thread sealant & glue device onto fitting.




·    Allow enough space above the device to open cover.

·    To Adjust Switch Sensitivity:  To make switch less sensitive remove switch from the “C” clip and re-install to middle groove on switch.

·    Test all fittings for water leaks.



·    Disconnect power to unit before wiring.

·    Add fuse & time delay to protect 24-volt circuit & to prevent excess cycling.

·    Connect switch wires in series with either Red or Yellow T-Stat wires.




Plug primary outlet of pan & fill pan with water.  With unit running the switch should shut unit before water overflows pan.  Adjust sensitivity if needed and re-test.



To Inspect, Clean or Add Drain Line Cleaners:


Shut power to unit, open cover & clean any debris found inside the device.  Add drain line cleaner if desired. Close & latch cover securely.

WARNING: This switch is for extra protection to prevent water damage from an overflow. A pan or other means of protection should be used in addition to this device as described in local codes.