Condensate Cleanout Device

Model AA1




NOTE: Nitrogen & co2 pressure should be used by HVAC professionals ONLY.

  • Do NOT apply more than 30 psi to drain line in case of loose connections.
  • To prevent leaks, close cover securely & tighten cap after each use.
  • If full, water may drip when cover or cap are opened, have small pan ready.
  • Open cover to inspect & clean device at least every three (3) months.
  • Place instruction sticker (Included) in visible location.


To Install:

  • Install in ¾” or 1” (couplings not included) PVC drain line using PVC glue.
  • Be sure arrows are pointing away (downstream) from unit drain pan.
  • Install horizontally (preferred) or vertical ONLY if necessary.
  • Allow enough space above device to access valve & to open cover.
  • If installed in garage or attic, insulate device.


To clear drain line using nitrogen or co2:

Remove cap from valve, attach hose & blow out. Replace cap securely. 

FOR TOTALLY CLOGGED LINES some air & water may blow toward unit & out of cover.

This is a safety feature that protects drain lines from being blown apart.

In order to apply more pressure, you MUST lift out flapper holder by handle, insert adaptor into opening in direction to clear, attach hose to adaptor & blow out drain. Reinstall flapper holder, close cover securely.


To vacuum out or blow out drain line using Gallo gun or drain Dawg or other method:

Open cover & lift out flapper holder by handle. Insert adaptor into device opening in the direction you want to vacuum or blow. Attach hose to adaptor & vacuum out or blow out drain line. Reinstall flapper holder, close cover securely.


To keep flapper closed while clearing multi-drained units:

Open cover, place Flapper Closer Tool over port on inside cover, close cover &   clear other drain lines.  Remove Flapper Closer Tool, close cover securely.


To inspect, clean or add drain line cleaners:

Open cover, lift out flapper holder by handle, check & clean flapper holder & interior of device. Add drain line cleaner if desired. Reinstall flapper holder, close cover & tighten cap securely.