Note:  Failure to follow instructions may cause injury or property damage.

  • Disconnect power to unit prior to installation, servicing or cleaning.

  • Close & latch cover after each use.

  • Test switch operation & clean device at least every three (3) months.

  • Place instruction sticker (Included) in visible location.

  • Device MUST BE LEVEL or SLOPED DOWNWARD From Drain Pan Outlet.

  • When installing the switch bracket back into the device ensure that the wires are seated properly into the groove on the side of the device body.

  • Use Included Velcro to attach adaptor onto device or on unit near device.


    To Install Inline:

  • Install Inline horizontally or on an angle up to 45 degrees using PVC glue.

  • NOTE:  Device can be installed in either direction.


    For Plugged installation:

  • Thread included fitting into auxiliary outlet of pan & glue device onto fitting. Insert plug into opposite end of device without gluing.



  • Allow enough space above the device to open cover.

  • To Adjust Switch Sensitivity:  Move float switch down to increase sensitivity by   removing the switch from the “C” clip and re-install to the next groove.

  • To insulate the device to prevent sweating use Model AA1-INS (Sold Separately).

  • Test all fittings for water leaks.



  • Disconnect power to unit before wiring.

  • Add fuse & time delay to protect 24-volt circuit & to prevent excess cycling.

  • This switch is for extra protection to prevent water damage from an overflow. A pan or other means of protection should be used in addition to this device as described in local codes.

  • Connect switch wires in series with either Red or Yellow T-Stat wires.


    TESTING:  Plug one end of device & fill pan with water.  Switch should shut unit                   before water overflows pan.  Adjust sensitivity if needed and re-test.


    Clearing Drain Line with CO2, Nitrogen, Water Pressure or Vacuum:

    Shut off power to unit, open cover & remove switch bracket. Insert adaptor into opening in the direction to clear.  Attach hose to adaptor & blow, flush or vacuum out drain. Remove adaptor & re-install switch bracket. Ensure bracket wires are seated into the groove on the side of the device body & close cover securely.

    Use Model AA-Tools (Sold Separately) for an Air & Water Tight Seal on adaptor.


    To Inspect, Clean or Add Drain Line Cleaners:

    Shut power to unit, open cover & clean any debris found inside the device.  Add drain line cleaner if desired. Close & latch cover securely.  


    To Test Switch Operation: Turn unit power on.  Lift float to ensure unit shuts off.